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Caretaker of the House, Cooker, Organizer of Paraphernalia, Player of Music, and Reminder of Kindness; Motivated, strict, loving, Mother of our Home:   They tell me your house is small with little room to work and I believe them, for I belong in this house, smelling every scent there is to smell and touching everything […]

Falling in Love with Oreo at First Sight

Every month I have a habit to plead my parents for a hamster. One cold breezy night, my mom, dad, and I went shopping, and my dream came true. “Hey, look, there’s a PetSmart here, you could go get Adela a hamster, if there are any.” My dad exclaimed. My mom smiled and said she […]

Why I Chose to Participate in a COVID Vaccine Trial for Teens

Sofia Bernardo, 13 I was scared and confused: school was cancelled because of a virus and it felt like all my hard work was going down the drain. In March 2020, I was in science class at school working with my small group on a climate change friendly building design for our school’s open house, […]