Let the trees embrace you,  With their long and leafy arms, Their thick and trusty branches, Reach up like vines  To a star speckled sky.   The wildebeest are roaming, On the dark and murky plain, They pace until the shining moon  Shines ever so brightly  In a star speckled sky     The giraffes […]

A Tribute to Bobby Hutton

A Tribute to Bobby Hutton Emma, 9 I didn’t know much about Bobby Hutton until recently, when I read about the Black Panthers. It’s important to know the parts of history that are hidden from us. During Black History Month, we are taught about people like Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan. But we’re rarely taught […]

Red and Blue

Red and Blue are the colors we built a country from,   Red like the blood we spilled for freedom Blue like the clear skies we keep reaching for   but also Red like the wounds of those we forced to plow our fields Blue like the tears we spilled watering our fields    then […]