Peace, a Poem for our Veterans, by Mason Li

We see the words on veterans’ graves – all powerful, all dark, nothing left, no heart,  winners or losers – don’t care – both in the dark. Only left behind are their bodies,  filled with peace, sadness, and bravery. Try remembering when he or she gave us peace,  harmony. For that, we can thank them, […]

Three poems by Kai Wells, 12

Kai Wells, 12 (Maryland) Black God created us hoping we would be equal Not knowing that some would be treated differently Killed Murdered Shot Black You turn on the news and someone was killed… AGAIN Police offering us to God as if we are chocolate Our voices shut down before they can be heard Say […]

The Common Worker

The common worker, Coal miner, stockyard worker, bricklayer, steel worker, table waiter, grocer, Fight for their share of their chance of a dream. When they work long hours, Dawn to dusk in the unjust surrounding of the city, They come to work and provide, Deserving the pay that comes handed over reluctantly, In an environment […]