Red and Blue

Red and Blue are the colors we built a country from,   Red like the blood we spilled for freedom Blue like the clear skies we keep reaching for   but also Red like the wounds of those we forced to plow our fields Blue like the tears we spilled watering our fields    then […]

Apples, a poem by Mason, 9

Apples A sweet fruit, round like a ball. Pieces split with a slice of a knife. Pushing and shoving, hands start to reach for the slices. Long after the apples are finished, a slice lies forgotten under the table. Entering the room is the family puppy, Sniffing, who munches the unseen slice.

I Can Change the World with Hope, a poem by Tanvi, 11

Tanvi Padala, 11 (Flower Mound, TX) I Can Change the World with Hope Tanvi Padala, 11   I’ve always dreamt of a place Where everyone would treat each other with grace And the planet and countries are managed with care But right now, I wonder if we are in despair   We rank each other […]