Young Composers

Symphony in C Major, by Sage Millen, 11

I am the one who composed and performed this piano piece on the recording. I composed it last year. It is in the key of C Major and it was inspired by technique because my piece has a lot of hidden scales and triads in it. Listen to the piece on SoundCloud here. For those […]


I wrote this piece thinking of something that should flow as a river. I didn’t want the title to be “The River,” but rather something that was more creative and easygoing. The notes were  supposed to, again, flow like a river. I wanted the specific timing of the melody to be in different places as […]

Right Beneath the Clouds

This clarinet trio was inspired by two ideas. First was my perspective from my own apartment. Skyscrapers, bridges, Central Park, and construction outlined the melody of my piece, given to the clarinet. Shadows and overlaps between these structures formed the cello and piano parts for the first movement. Most of the pitches are based on […]

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