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An unexpected change in perspective prompts a new understanding of the natural world

The Case of the Catnapped Cat, Thomas

Julia resolves to find a missing cat and reunite him with his bereft owner

Tumble Town Gymnastics

After a couple of years as a serious gymnast, Adelaide’s passion for the sport fades

The Mysterious Case of the Cat in a Glass of Water

After her beloved owner dies, Mayhem invents a game to find a new, equally caring, friend

A Magical Moment at Meow City

The narrator meets a remarkable kitten at the Houtong Cat Village in Taiwan

Accomplishment, the New First Place

Competing in a horse show prompts some self-reflection


“I’m an average gymnast. To me, competition isn’t always about winning. It’s about the drive.”



Eyes Full of Wonder


Oh Graham Cat, Oh Graham Cat




The Tuna Cat


In My Head


Pointed Freeness


Roo’s Song


Music Lover


Hanging Vines


Beach in Autumn


My Lovely Friend Cat




A Handful of Magic


The Stable


The Flash




Reach for the Sky


Forgotten Moon


Beautiful Blue


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