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Strings and a Purple Pick

A new friend inspires Alani to face her stage fright

The Bush Girl

Daisy discovers a dryad in a clump of lilac bushes in her backyard

Gooby’s Coins

Gooby, the first alien to attend a human school, finds a valuable coin


A daddy longlegs braces himself for his fate after two girls find him in the shower


Viewing her great-grandpa’s coin collection, the narrator realizes the power of keepsakes

Fond Memories

Before moving to New York, the narrator recalls some of her favorite moments and places in Bellevue

Who Would Win?

The narrator wonders what to do when a competitor lies about the outcome of a race

Spring Wakes


April Thoughts


In the Woods


The World Above


Spring Flowers


Standing Near the River


Here Comes Spring


The Peace of Night


Longhorn in Bluebonnets


Drifting Flower


The Light of Magic


Gummy Bear Cave


Diversity Is Beautiful


Leading Bridge






Fairy Home




Chicken Clatter


The Hand




Alone in a Field




Stone Soup Honor Roll: April 2023


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