A Note from the Stone Soup Test Kitchen

For the last few weeks the Stone Soup test kitchen has been filled with delicious smells, from melting cheese and savoury tomato sauce, via sweet baking rich with fruit and chocolate, to refreshing smoothies and celebratory spiced punch. Every one of these smells and tastes evokes a memory or a feeling, and each one of [...]

The Secret Agent Baker

My name is Jeff and I am like every other normal kid in the world going into the seventh grade. Actually, maybe I’m not normal because my family is rich. My family has a mom, dad, older brother, and younger sister. I am totally different from everyone in my family. For instance, I have never [...]

The Year of the Rooster

This summer, I traveled with my family to China’s Jiangsu province. One night, we had a soy sauce chicken wrapped in tinfoil for dinner. It looked like a present with a bright red ribbon tied around its center. The plate was china and somehow three times the size of a full sized chicken! Our waitress [...]

The Man on the Bench

“Wait up Maggie!” Helen yelled at her older sister as they raced towards the Rite Aid at the corner of Montgomery Street. Every day they would meander in with their fifty cents and buy the blueberry Pop Rocks in the candy section. Maybe they would have a small conversation with their friend Rhonda who worked [...]

The Journey of a Mushroom

Life is great as a mushroom. I live in a forest, in mountains of Tibet. Each day starts with the chirping of the early birds, ready to start off our morning on a good note. All across the steep valleys, red pandas, musk deer, and takins are awakening from a night slumber. I live under [...]

Chasing Chickens

The jeep jostled over the uneven terrain. Though the tough tires absorbed most of the shocks, I still jumped around in the back seat, my stomach lurching with every bump. It was late afternoon, and the sun blazed in the blue sky. A slight breeze stirred the tall grass and scrub brush and stunted trees [...]

The Crazy Kid

Here is a naughty child. He acts like a wild tiger. He sounds like a screeching car. He pretends he is an exploding rocketship. He ate too much sugar before bedtime.


Dough spinning like a helicopter blade then toppings tomato sauce, veggies, cheese. It bubbles like hot stew in the oven, it sizzles on the pan. Crunchy as an apple Gooey as honey. Cheese drips like a lava waterfall. Crackles when I chew it, Explodes in my mouth like dragon fire.


Unlike the Others

Fruit Bowl


Stone Soup Honor Roll: December 2017

Welcome to the Stone Soup Honor Roll! We receive hundreds of submissions every month by kids from around the world. Unfortunately, we can't publish all the great work we receive. So we created the Stone Soup Honor Roll. We commend all of these talented writers and artists and encourage them to keep creating. – The [...]

Ponche Navideño (Christmas Punch)

Walking into my grandmother's house, I gaze at the Christmas tree, sparkling lights winding their way to the peak where a silver star adorns the top branch of the petit pine. Beneath, is a mini lit-up Christmas village, with a fragile train chugging its way through the town and winding through the snow-coated cottages. My [...]

Disaster Raspberry Smoothie

  It all began with boredom. It was a sweltering August day, and my younger brother, Ciaran, and I couldn't agree on what to do. "We could play Go Fish," Ciaran suggested. I shook my head. "No." Okay," Ciaran fidgeted a little, trying to think. "How about—" "I could read to you," I interjected. Ciaran [...]

Mom’s S’mores Bars, from My Family Cookbook

My mom always makes these for my family and me. She also made them for my neighbors when they first moved in, that was our way of making them feel welcomed. They also loved them. My mom is an amazing baker and can make anything that requires baking for any type of occasion. Ingredients ½ [...]

Lembas Cookies

This cookie was discovered when I was bored. I wrote up a recipe and the Lembas cookie was invented! This cookie is named after the Lembas bread from the Lord of the Rings that the elves make. And, just like the bread, you can eat one cookie and be full for a couple of hours. [...]

Christmas Cookies

My family makes three kinds of cookies every year at Christmas. There’s a dark chocolate mint brownie, a sugar cookie, and a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie. Ever since I’ve been small, I’ve asked my mom every year if I can help. For as long as I can remember, she’s let me get things for [...]

Gluten Dairy Egg-Free Brownies

My best Brownies ever. The first bite of my OWN recipe. All in that one bite, I tasted what I had been working on for such a long time. About a year before I made my brownies, I had found a recipe on the internet that I wanted to try. It turned out so well [...]

Very Berry Pie

One Saturday night a long time ago, my grandma and I had nothing to do. I went in the pantry to find some baking recipes.  I saw a recipe that said Very Berry Pie. "Grandma," I said "come look at what I found!"  My grandma told me this was her great grandma's recipe. "LET'S BAKE [...]

Meatball Subs

For me, meatball subs are the taste and comfort of home. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been helping my grandma cook in the kitchen, and one of my earliest memories is helping her roll out the meatballs and place them on the cookie sheet. My grandmother, of course, was an excellent cook, and [...]

Mamaw’s Mac and Cheese, from My Family Cookbook

I picked this recipe because my grandma always makes it for my cousin and me.  Whenever we eat it we think of her. My grandma is the best cook ever! My family and I used to always meet at her house on Sundays and she would always make it. It tastes creamy and chewy at [...]

Jia’s Quick Mini Pizza

One day I wanted some pizza but it was too late to order any.  But we did have all the ingredients in this recipe.  I decided to experiment and see if I could make several small pizzas using the English muffins.  With help from my Dad we cut a couple of muffins in half then [...]