Stone Soup Magazine
December 2017

A Note from the Stone Soup Test Kitchen

Editor’s Note

The Secret Agent Baker

Jeff’s on a mission to convince his family that baking’s a worthwhile activity

The Year of the Rooster

A brief history of the chicken

The Man on the Bench

Blueberry Pop Rocks and some spare coins change Helen forever

The Journey of a Mushroom

Life is easy for this mushroom… until he is picked

Chasing Chickens

Angela discovers a new Christmas tradition

The Crazy Kid

Too much sugar before bedtime


Cheese drips like a lava waterfall


Unlike the Others

Fruit Bowl


Ponche Navideño (Christmas Punch)

A warm sweet flavor to comfort you from the biting cold outside

Disaster Raspberry Smoothie

Summer boredom inspires this cool treat

Mom’s S’mores Bars, from My Family Cookbook

Make your friends and neighbors happy with these more-ish s’mores bars

Lembas Cookies

A mythical cookie inspired by Tolkein’s elves

Christmas Cookies

Lily’s in charge of making the Christmas cookies this year

Gluten Dairy Egg-Free Brownies

Chocolate brownies free from almost everything-- except deliciousness

Very Berry Pie

A heroic tale of recreating great-great-great grandma’s pie

Meatball Subs

Magnificent meatballs in a saucy roll

Mamaw’s Mac and Cheese, from My Family Cookbook

A shortcut to creamy mac and cheese

Jia’s Quick Mini Pizza

A pizza for when there’s no time to make pizza

Stone Soup Honor Roll: December 2017

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