Sticks and Stones group of girls

Bullying Is Wrong

Bullying is just plain wrong. It hurts the person who is bullied, and the bullies usually live to regret their ...
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equal rights for girls, katies league

Equal Rights for Girls!

A girl growing up today can join a baseball team if she wants to. In the past, things were different ...
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horse story friends forever

A Horse Story with a Twist

We hope all our subscribers have had a chance to read the new January/February 2013 issue of Stone Soup. There ...
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Using Stone Soup to encourage students to produce inventive, creative writing

Creative writing, as a term, was invented in the 19th century to express the idea that there was writing, and ...
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Writing Activity: using the power of analogy, with “Abigail’s Cove” by Brooke Hayes, 12

Analogy is a very powerful literary tool. It is hard to imagine what it feels like for someone else to ...
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Writing Activity: depicting an obsession, with “The Horse’s Reins” by Nicholas La Cortiglia, 10

Lots of girls dream of horses. And there are lots of stories about horse-loving girls. What makes this story special, ...
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