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Using the Young Adult Author Resource Pages

Writers are readers. The purpose of the Young Adult Author Resource Pages is to bring young writers closer to their favorite authors. Through social media and recorded interviews many authors offer fabulous advice on writing that are useful for writers of all ages. If you are a teacher, you can use the interviews in your classroom in the context of your creative writing curriculum.

If the author is one of your favorites and you would like to share something about why you like that author's books, please leave a comment.

Interview with Author Kate Milford

I have always been a big fan of Kate Milford’s books, and so when I heard she had a new ...
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Author Interview: James Ponti, author of the City Spies books, speaks with blogger Thee

Editor's Note: Recently, Stone Soup blogger Thee Sim Ling reached out to us to ask if she could arrange an ...
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Author Interview: Damian Dibben, author The History Keepers, talks to blogger Madeline Sornson

Recently Stone Soup blogger and book reviewer Madeline Sornson had the opportunity to read The History Keepers by Damian Dibben, ...
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Author Interview: Alexis Fajardo, author of Kid Beowulf, talks to blogger Mirembe

Mirembe Mubanda, one of our young bloggers, recently got the chance to read Alexis E. Fajardo's graphic novel Kid Beowulf: ...
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Author Interview: Patricia Newman, author of Plastic Ahoy! talks to Stone Soup blogger Lukas Cooke

Lukas Cooke, our young blogger interested in nature and the environment, recently had the opportunity to read one of Patricia ...
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Interview and Links for Author Wendelin Van Draanen

This is a wonderful interview. Its biggest strength may be Wendelin Van Draanen's discussion of the importance of persistence. Her ...
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Interview and Web Links for Author Ransom Riggs

This interview inspires two projects: write a story based on a photograph and illustrate a story with photographs. This is ...
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A Video and Internet Links for Madeleine L’Engle

This is a video of an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the the publication of  "A Wrinkle in Time." Children, as ...
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Sarah Kay, Poet and Storyteller: TEDxEast Talk on Writing

Sarah Kay (born 1988) is an American poet who began performing poetry at age 14. Sarah Kay specializes in spoken-word poetry. The ...
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Interview and Links for Author Renée Ahdieh

A strong interview with Renée Ahdieh. The interview focus is on her writing process. • Writes books based on the theme of "choice ...
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Suzanne Collins

Reading is the best preparation for writing. We are fortunate that through the internet it is possible to keep in ...
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Interview and Internet links for author Kate Messner

This is a strong interview by Kate Messner for her book, Writing is Magic, or is it?  Her message is simple ...
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Madeleine L’Engle Talks about Letting the Book Write Itself

Many authors talk about the precision with which they plot out their books, taking pride in being in full control ...
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Advice for Writers: Interviews with Rick Riordan

Reading is one of the best preparations for writing. We are fortunate that through the internet it is possible to ...
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Cassandra Clare

Website Wikipedia Facebook Twitter Books The Mortal Instruments (6 Books) Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (10 Book Series) Interviews ...
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J.K. Rowling

We are fortunate that through the internet it is possible to keep in touch with living authors through their blogs, ...
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