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Reading is one of the best preparations for writing. We are fortunate that through the internet it is possible to keep in touch with living authors through their blogs, twitter feeds, and their websites. Many authors have also posted interviews on the internet. The editors of Stone Soup are building a series of pages of links and interviews with many of your favorite authors. Please add your feelings about this author in the comments below. How have you been influenced by the author's writing? And if there are online resources that you think we should add to the page, then please let us know.

Rick Riordan needs no introduction. A brilliant and prolific American writer, Rick has introduced millions of young readers to the power and magic of ancient Greek mythology through his wonderful Percy Jackson novels, Egyptian myth through The Kane Chronicles, and Norse mythology with Magnus Chase.

Included here are Rick Riordan's social media sites, interviews and talks with or by Rick Riordan, and some reference material on Greek mythology. Enjoy the videos. Follow Rick's social media posts. Find inspiration for your own writing in his amazing books (lists towards the bottom of this post).


This first clip is a wonderful, direct, engaging, brilliant and inspiring short video with three top tips for writers, encouraging young writers to "find the story that you are meant to tell." Spoiler alert--the top tips are:
1. Read a lot.
2. Practice. You have to write every day.
3. You can't give up.


This clip talks about all of Rick's book series, the power of mythology, and what makes for a good story.



Using humor to tell a story, communicate with readers, and break the darkness of difficult stories. An interview on Minnesota Public Radio in which Rick Riordan appreciates the snarkiness of the middle schooler.




Another interview in which Riordan talks about leaving room for the reader's imagination - making space for the reader to inhabit the story, and the danger of epilogues. And, does a movie take over from the book, and inhibit that imagination? Find out whether Rick has actually watched any of the Percy Jackson movies...


Links to Books on the Greek Myths

If you want to get deeper into the Greek myths, then we reccomend the following books.

For Older Readers and Adults, in addition to D'Aulaires, these are classic works on the Greek  and Roman myths:

Rick Riordan's Books (an incomplete list)

Of course you can purchase any and all of Rick Riordan's books as single volumes. Here we are giving you quick links to the boxed set versions. You can find all of Rick Riordan's books, as well as news from the author, at his Amazon author page.

There are also companion guides to the myths, produced to go with the books:

And if you haven't tried any of Rick Riordan's books yet, and still aren't sure, you can download a free sample for kindle :

Have you read and loved any of Rick Riordan's books? Write a review and submit it to Stone Soup!

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