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Stone Soup Author Interview: Mathilde Fox-Smith, 11

Stone Soup author Mathilde Fox-Smith, 11, talks about how she develops a story over time and the process of editing ...
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Stone Soup Author Interview: Katherine Tung, 12

Stone Soup author Katherine Tung, 12, tells us what she loves about creative writing and why she wants to do ...
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Stone Soup Author Interview: Tatum Schutt, 12

Stone Soup author Tatum Schutt, 12, talks about how she has polished her craft as she learned to write fiction, and shares ...
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Stone Soup Author Interview: Ennya Papastoitsis, 11

Stone Soup author Ennya Papastoitsis, 11, tells us about what kinds of writing she enjoys, from poems to short stories ...
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Kioni “Popcorn” Marshall a Sixth-Grade Poet from the Bronx, New York

This is a well produced nine-minute video features the poetry of the sixth-grade poet Kioni Marshal from Bronx, New York. Kioni ...
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child composer jahan

Jahan Raymond, Pianist

Jahan Raymond is an American composer living in Los Angeles, California. He performs "Starchier," a piece first published in Stone Soup. Jahan ...
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