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Stone Soup author Richard Ma, 12, talks about how he finds his ideas, what he likes to write about most, and how being published has made a difference to his writing. Richard has published a poem, “Goes the Ball” (September/October 2014) in Stone Soup, and reviewed two books for us: the biography of Steve Jobs (July/August 2012) and Temple Grandin (May/June 2013).

Here’s a list of the questions he answers in this video.

0:33 — How did you begin creative writing?

1:06 — What do you like to write about?

1:34 — Where do you get your ideas for stories?

2:03 — Describe your writing process.

2:48 — What was your reaction to getting published in Stone Soup?

3:55 — How has being published in Stone Soup benefited you?

4:15 — What advice would you give to others who want to get published in Stone Soup?

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