December 2017

Lembas Cookies

This cookie was discovered when I was bored. I wrote up a recipe and the Lembas cookie was invented! This cookie is named after the Lembas bread from the Lord of the Rings that the elves make. And, just like the bread, you can eat one cookie and be full for a couple of hours. […]

Very Berry Pie

One Saturday night a long time ago, my grandma and I had nothing to do. I went in the pantry to find some baking recipes.  I saw a recipe that said Very Berry Pie. “Grandma,” I said “come look at what I found!”  My grandma told me this was her great grandma’s recipe. “LET’S BAKE […]

The Crazy Kid

Here is a naughty child. He acts like a wild tiger. He sounds like a screeching car. He pretends he is an exploding rocketship. He ate too much sugar before bedtime. Niko Mann, 10San Anselmo, CA