January/February 2006

To Be But a Child

Mae Trillian has always lived a fairly simple life. Nothing brought her more pleasure than perfect, small simplicities—a tall glass of cold, crystalline water full of chinking ice cubes, the noise of a lead pencil as it scratched the surface of a crisp sheet of paper. The sound of the wind amongst a forest of […]


We were lying in a circle, curled up on a den of sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. Popcorn and candy wrappers were scattered all around, remnants of that night’s feeding fest, while we had, oblivious to all else, watched our movie selection, comprised mostly of films featuring Orlando Bloom. But now the TV was silent, […]

The Swim Test

“It’s going to be cold,” laughed Riley. “I’m warning you, when I took the swim test, I almost froze. They had to defrost me.” “Thank you for sharing that wonderful piece of moral support with me,” I snapped. Riley had been coming to Camp Walton’s Grizzly Lodge for seven years now, since she was five. […]