January/February 2017


The thing about family is, they’re always there for you. No matter the circumstances. They don’t care if you’re ugly, or dress right, they just care that you are you. They love you. I am searching for my family. I have lived in different houses, with different mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, but I […]

The Search for Literature

I run my fingers across the shelves Waiting for one to catch my eye Row after row my fingers run Failure takes a step closer But there in the dusty corner Hidden by the screen of forget Lies the love of my life that will only last a couple of hours Bright red with gold […]

Lost by Liberty

TODAY It’s an almost perfect day. The sun has just come out after a long lazy nap in the clouds. It’s the kind of day when elves and unicorns and faeries can be found. And if you climbed to the very top of the largest oak you’d see a rainbow. It’s the same kind of […]