January/February 2017

The Boy Fictionalist

For all my life, I had hated writing. In fact, I had loathed it. When we were at school, our class would have to do writing exercises every day. My teacher, Ms. Sanders, would write a seemingly random topic on our whiteboard every morning. Before the end of class, each and every one of us […]


We walked home together. We talked about schoolwork,    and then you said, “You are adopted. I’m sorry.” Sometimes you commented on the dirt on my clothes    as we walked out of school. But this felt different, like we were at a party and all of a sudden    the music stopped and everyone stared at me. […]

Welcome Home

Our car, rusted red paint and all, squeaks into the driveway. It lurches to a stop, shoving Mom and me forward in our seats. The boxes in the back shift, slamming against the sides of the trunk. I shut my door with a bang and stand, staring at the ugly brown house directly in front […]