January/February 2017

Freedom to Fly

An eleven-year-old girl woke up on a patch of sunlit sand. Her small elfish ears picked up the sound of crashing waves and the rustling of bushes and the dense canopy of intertwining branches and leaves to her right. Her green eyes opened slowly, first slits, and then wide open and darting quickly over her […]

My Deepest Desires

I want to be one with the earth I want to sink my feet into the soft dirt and feel no difference between myself and the world      around me. I want to slip into the cool river water and float as if I am made of it. I want to climb the tallest trees and […]

The Boy Fictionalist

For all my life, I had hated writing. In fact, I had loathed it. When we were at school, our class would have to do writing exercises every day. My teacher, Ms. Sanders, would write a seemingly random topic on our whiteboard every morning. Before the end of class, each and every one of us […]