May/June 2011

Wishing Star

My favorite part Of staying the night Was after The “fun” stuff It was bundling up And going outside Staring into the deep black sky Finding the perfect star And making a wish After hearing The fatal news I went outside Stars magnified with tears And wishing For time Just one more year After a […]

Working for Sparkle

Suzy added the finishing touch and smiled There was no noise. Everything was silent except for birds chirping and leaves rustling. Off in the distance a bell rang. Suddenly, noise erupted as students came running out of Lake Heights Elementary eager to begin their summer. Only one child didn’t run out screaming and yelling. This […]

The World Apart

The trail is rough, But I absorb it all, Every bump, dip and curve, And let it become me. My hands rattle on the bars of my bike, As I take on this course. With speed and energy I never knew. The scenery astounds. A stream tries to keep up, The trees watch from above, […]