November/December 2012

My Kitty Mango

Mango gave me a look that I think I could remember for my whole life It was a drizzly, rainy day. There were hardly any people walking on the street. My sister was in her room, singing a pre-school song. My mom huddled in her bed, reading a book. My cat Baboo was, of course, […]

The Chances We Take

She left before the sun came up. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. Goodnight; I love you. The last words spoken between us The suitcase had been packed that night. Button-up shirts, Silky and soft. A warm embrace; The smell of roses. I’ll be back before Sunday, she had said. It was a […]


“Is this your dog, kid?” a tall policeman asked There’s a funny thing about love. Love can twist you and tie you in a knot. Love can make your heart burst and your eyes fill with tears, and love can make you so jubilant even when there’s a tornado outside. Love can bring you together […]

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