November/December 2016

Hidden in Things

They are hidden in a place like a key lost in the dark A plane’s vapor line disappears from the sky An insect flies away from view like a worm crawls beneath the earth A flower you cannot see has withered back in its own pod The lines drawn by our skates vanish from view […]

Wolf Moon

The oak trees all around us Hide the light of the moon, Only emitting a faint Spectral glow. Rustlings and stirring, Usual at nighttime like this Are gone. The air is silent tonight, The tingle of magic in the air, And it seems all of the forest Is holding its breath, Marveling at the beauty […]

Islands in the Clouds

Have you ever climbed a butte in the fog with the sun’s rays slanting visibly through the trees? Have you reached the top, leaving fog and tree behind and seen a sea of white clouds stretching away in all directions? The treetops of other high places poke up through the mist and you dream of […]