November/December 2016

Katy Runs the Store

Katy’s father’s hand kept waving goodbye, until his car turned the corner and she could not see it anymore. Katy Bay lived in a small village in England with her father, Mr. Richard Bay. Katy’s mother died when she was very young, and so her father had to raise Katy all by himself. Katy would […]

The Butterfly Box

Exhausted from another long day of school, Kaeli flopped down onto her bed. Her eyes wandered around her room and landed on the little box on her dresser. Walking over, she picked it up. It was a beautiful box, painted with delicate butterflies and edged with gold. The butterfly box. Her grandfather had given it […]

Hidden in Things

They are hidden in a place like a key lost in the dark A plane’s vapor line disappears from the sky An insect flies away from view like a worm crawls beneath the earth A flower you cannot see has withered back in its own pod The lines drawn by our skates vanish from view […]