November/December 2016

Islands in the Clouds

Have you ever climbed a butte in the fog with the sun’s rays slanting visibly through the trees? Have you reached the top, leaving fog and tree behind and seen a sea of white clouds stretching away in all directions? The treetops of other high places poke up through the mist and you dream of […]

A Little Bit of Home

For Mom, and all the “Emmas” out there. “Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before.” –Ram Dass   “Em? Wanna go bike riding with me today?” “Can’t,” I mumbled and grabbed my backpack. “Emma?” Jennifer asked, “Are you OK?” But I was already out the door and sprinting down the […]

Black and White

The recess bell pierced through the hallways like a needle puncturing a piece of soft velvet. Students threw back their chairs and stampeded towards the classroom door. I grabbed my leather jacket and stepped into the unfamiliar corridors. Alone, I walked down the deserted hall. It all started when my dad got fired from his […]