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Hooria Farid, 6
Carteret, NJ


Hooria Farid, 6

In this quarantine,
We will all be fine
As my brother and I stand in a line,
We make sure that we don’t whine
And we clean ourselves until we shine,
This way our health stays fine
The struggle is just not yours but also mine

Appreciating My Teacher

Hooria Farid, 6

I miss my teacher’s smiling face,
I wish I could bring her a flower vase,
And chase her in a race,
Her love can’t be replaced,
But it’s important for us to stay safe


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  1. Bravo, you are the shining star I wish you more success and sending blessings your way. Congratulations to the proud patrnts

  2. MashaAllah Hooria you are so sweet and intelligent girl. May Allah give you more success in your life

  3. This young girl has a bright future awaiting for her. Hooria, keep striving for what you desire and it’ll all be within your hands with your mind set on that goal. Keep shining like the bright star that you are and the smart little princess I always see you as. Stay blessed! ‍⚕️

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