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Natalie Yue, 8
San Carlos, CA

Attack of the Invading Virus

Natalie Yue, 8

A prickly ball of red spines

Smirking, pesky, buggy, careless,

You know what I’m talking about:

None other than Coronavirus.

Affecting many lives each day,

Covid-19 is in our way

“It doesn’t matter” some people say

But this virus isn’t okay.


Ambulances are flashing,

Police cars are dashing

Children and adults lie helpless,

Their pleasant warm smiles

Are replaced with dreary frowns

I can understand

about the sorrow and depressed,

All doctors can do is to try their best

And tell any victims to have plenty of rest.


Complicated machines!

Bubbly bottles plus more!

Scientists work diligently to invent

a vaccine,

To kick Covid out the door

I just know there


be a day,

When everyone is outside,

Playing in a field,

Or whooshing down a slide

If we wear masks and stay strong,

Coronavirus will soon be gone.


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