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Vivaan, Kartik, 11 Horgen, Switzerland

COVID-19 Poem

Vivaan Kartik, 11

Once there were so many

of humans to be seen

a life of peace and happiness

was all that could be seen


But soon there were too many

land became scarce for houses to be built

so what we did was destroyed the world forever

we cut down trees without any guilt


Global warming took over

and humans began to sweat

“oh what have we done”

they cried as they met


But what we sowed had to be reaped

and nothing could be done

panic was rife

but action there was none


But suddenly a virus struck

and global warming was forgotten

no car could be seen

they were all hiding in a den


All was shut

including mouths

people couldn’t meet and

the economy raced south


People were not going to office

no plane soaring in the air

no cars racing past on the road

and so we inadvertently learnt to care


But then slowly but surely things got better

global warming decreased

Human socials were revived

and lockdowns were eased


I hope it wasn’t the disease

that helped us learn

to save the earth

instead of letting it burn


It really is a shame

that so many had to die

for us to learn a lesson

and only now we begin to try.

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  1. Vivaan ! You leave me spellbound every time you write ! Economy raced south caught my attention ! Brilliant!

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