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Do you like cucumbers? Whenever I am at the wet market, I am always on the lookout for cucumbers; there are lots of varieties, and they sometimes even differ in taste from one another. I like cucumbers, and I am also like a cucumber. If I represented myself using a fruit or vegetable, I would choose the cucumber because it can describe who I am with its distinct layers.

The skin is like my outer personality because I am mainly rigid, slightly stubborn, sometimes hard to convince and tend to understand and think about things in my own way, like the cucumber skin’s peeling, which is only occasionally needed, referencing that I am sometimes hard to convince. The skin is also quite rough, representing how I can be hard to communicate with.

Moving inwards, the middle fleshy layer of the cucumber is hard and references what I do, as I often think about my own things and stay within my mind (under the skin), like this particular part of the cucumber, which is only sometimes exposed to the outside, since people eat it with skin.

In the centre, the soft seeds are like my inner/core personality because on the inside, I am soft-hearted and kind, like the seeds’ soft texture. Also, the seeds being stuck to the other parts references how people often don’t see this as one of my attributes, because it’s covered by my stubbornness.

The cucumber’s mainly green colour is linked to my love towards nature and green is able to describe that. Because of these relations, cucumbers are capable of representing me in many ways.

Another funny connection is that I actually like to eat cucumbers, yet simultaneous in some aspects are very similar to it. Also, some people think of cucumbers as highly edible, and often chop it up before eating it-alive. But anyway, I don’t really mind that, but I am not always very reliable, and don’t prefer violence. So, what do you think about cucumbers now? If you represented yourself using a fruit or vegetable, what would that be? Hope you have fun comparing different ones and finding similarities between yourself and a fruit/vegetable, or even fruit/vegetable to fruit/vegetable!

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