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Olivia Wang, 10
Atlanta, GA


Olivia Wang, 10

The bright sun rays fade,
The monster comes to infect.
Like the air before a storm,
Turbulent in its silence.
The darkness comes to raid,
The healthcare fighters come to protect.
No sound comes alive,
Nor looks or their shadows.
No hints, or clues,
That something would happen tonight.

The evil shadow counts:
Three, two, one, ready or not, here I come!
Each person hidden away,
Watching every step, hearing every sound,
Forcing themselves to stay.
One gets infected,
Then two,
Then five,
One hundred, one thousand.
Monsters smiling with glee,
The monsters are invisible, their whispers kept secret,
Infecting everyone and everything,
Until they darken all the streets.

The world shall not be overcome,
By all the corners of the earth,
The monsters shall continue to attack,
Creeping up to each and every one.
The saviors shall continue to fight,
Till the monsters have been destroyed.

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