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Go into the kitchen. Stand in front of a cupboard with food in it (or the fridge). Close your eyes, open the door (or better still, have someone else open it for you), stretch out your hand, and touch something. Keep your hand where it is. Open your eyes. Look at the thing you are touching. Congratulations! You just found the object that you are going to write a poem about.

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  1. Is this the prompt for this week’s contest? It doesn’t say contest in front of it, but it is Monday’s prompt. Just checking for my students!

    • Yes, it is – sorry it didn’t get marked up when we originally posted it, and thank you for telling us! We look forward to reading about what your students find in their kitchens this week!

  2. Hi, Thank you for organizing the weekly flash contest and encouraging the kids to write. Could you please clarify the submission time on Friday whether it is due 12 pm afternoon PST or Friday midnight. Thanks for your time!

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