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  1. Can I get more information on the requirements for submitting our response ( # of words, paragraphs,font,etc..) and in which form our entry needs to be like a poem, essay or writing prompt, and what type of headline you are referring to?

    • All the information is on the page for the specific prompt: https://stonesoup.com/post/daily-creativity-26-write-a-story-inspired-by-a-funny-headline/. This one is a story-writing challenge, and there is a link to the headlines that we’d like entrants to choose from in the second half of the prompt. There is no word target or specific formatting instructions – people usually send us word documents, and it’s generally easier for the judges to read if they are in a standard font and black text. All entries should be sent via Sumbittable, in the weekly flash contest category.

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