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Daily Creativity #51 | Flash Contest: Write about Impossible Characters

Write down 5 ideas for some impossible characters - space frogs, singing clocks, walking cactuses - the more unlikely the better. Pick 2 of them. What would happen if they met? Write a story about it.

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    • Thank you for your question. First you need to invent the impossible characters. One place to start might be with some word lists, of words you like. You could write down 5-10 nouns (objects, people, things – like a bus, a frog, a king); and 5-10 adjectives and verbs (like running or singing or fluffy), and then try putting them together in unlikely combinations. You might end up with a fluffy bus or a singing bus or a frog king. Then, they can become the characters in your story and you can imagine what might happen and what they might think or do if they were real.

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