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Daily Creativity #73: Imagine Coronavirus as a Supervillain

If the coronavirus were a supervillain, what would they look like? What name would it give itself? Draw an artistic representation of what you believe they look like.

Consider submitting your drawing to our COVID-19 blog submissions category!

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  1. Dear Editor,

    Thank you for all the efforts stone soup has undertaken this year to get students inculcate the writing habit in kids. My daughter looks forward to reading your material everyday.
    My daughter Amruta Krishnan Srinivasan’s depiction of coronavirus as a supervillain has been accepted for publication. I can’t find it in stone soup’s website. Can you please notify us when it gets published? Thanks so much.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Rekha, Thank you for your kind words. And, I hope you have now seen Amruta’s drawing on the website: it was published on our blog yesterday (July 12th)! Congratulations to her!

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