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Adrianna Ho, 8
Media, PA

Pasta Sandwiches in Quarantine

Adrianna Ho, 8


In quarantine
I missed my uncle’s wedding
because it was cancelled in May,

and Take Your Child to Work Day:
I was going to meet my mom’s coworkers and friends
and join her meetings.

I missed Field Day with games, and May Day with
carnival games. Mr. C., my gym teacher, had planned it,
and you could get half a lemon with a candy straw!

I miss going to school.
I miss having sleepovers: one in the beginning of summer
and one at the end.

Some of my friends couldn’t come
to my birthday party. The magician
couldn’t come.

Before quarantine, I had plans
with my good friend who moved to Boston
to get together and sell all the leftover candies

and save every penny.


In quarantine
I turned 8
and learned to ride a bike

I learned that daddy makes yummy sandwiches
and mommy makes good pasta.
Pasta sandwiches for lunch!

I still can see
my ballet friends
and classmates right online.

I still pick flowers on nature walks
and walk on the rocks
to get over the streams.

In quarantine, I grew half an inch.
I learned how to feed my dog Rusty
and take him outside.

I learned how to type without looking at the keyboard
and how to make
peanut butter sandwiches when daddy is busy, and

that our school nurse is a good yoga instructor
and our second grade teacher reminds me
that if I believe I can, I can.

I learned that I don’t have to go out to the theater
because I can watch movies at my house
cuddling, eating snacks, and petting Rusty.

I learned I can relax anytime and anywhere,
I close my eyes, I take deep breaths
A couple of minutes later I open my eyes

and put my hands on my heart, and namaste.
I learned to read chapter books: Harry Potter,
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, oh! And don’t forget

Charlie and Chocolate Factory!
I learned to organize my closet, to keep it clean.
I grew to wear my big sister’s clothes while in quarantine.

I learned that the crown-shaped virus is the Coronavirus.
If I could talk to the Coronavirus,
I’d say, “The Heat Is On! I Know

The Heat Can Stop You From Spreading.”


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