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Daily Creativity #89: Write about the First Time You Tried a Food

Write about the first time you tried a food, whether you liked it or didn’t like it. What did it smell like? What did you expect it to taste like? Did it remind you of anything? Did the texture surprise you?

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  1. Hi, how do we submit stories for the Daily Creativity prompts (not the Flash Contests)? Via Submittable or another site, or are these prompts simply for fun and not submitting?

    • Primarily, they are for fun, and/or for you to show your friends, teachers or parents if you want feedback on what you did. However, if you create something you are really proud of as a result of one of the prompts, and you want us to consider it for publication on the blog or in the magazine, then you can submit it in one of the standard categories (poetry, stories, art etc.). You can tell us it started as a response to a prompt, if you want to, in your covering letter in Submittable. I hope that helps, and makes sense!

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