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  1. Is today’s prompt a flash contest? I thought it was, since it is a Monday, but I don’t see the word “flash contest” written in the title.

    • Hi Aashni! Sorry about that– this prompt is for this week’s Flash Contest. I’ve updated the post’s title to reflect that.

  2. I just have one question: Is there a minimum or maximum word count, or can it be as short or long as I want it to be?

    • Lots of artists through the ages have told their stories in non-chronological order. It would be copying if you used the exit same words and characters and plot line as someone else, and pretended it was your own. But it’s perfectly OK to be inspired by someone else’s approach to the same problem. You are the writer, and you can try things out in your own way, in any style you like. Thanks for a great question, and have fun with your writing!

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