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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

I walked down stairs to see my dad pacing in the kitchen while on a phone call with the vet. His eyebrows were furrowed as he talked about rabies. Finally, when he got off the phone, he said that nothing serious had happened, we just needed to bring our dog to the vet to get her shots. I felt a wave or relief run though my body as the thought of our dog being sick left my mind. Just a couple minutes after, Assia walks through the door holding two bags of groceries and a cardboard box. She sets the box on the table, and we put away the groceries. When the groceries are where they are meant to be, I enthusiastically ask her what the box is. I saw a smile grow on her face as she says “I got this as a surprise for you and your sisters, it's a shaved ice machine!” All I could think to say was “thank you! I'm so excited to use this tonight!” While I ate the mango that my father cut up for me, I noticed that outside, the wind was starting to pick up and in a short amount of time it started to pour, and thunder. Even though this storm caused my dad to not be able to go golfing, I loved it because the smell that rain causes when its falling, is unlike any other, and I adore it. Finally, dinner time arrives and we all gather around our dining table to eat the delicious crepes that Assia had prepared for us with so much love. My older sister told us about her day, and what happened at work. The night finished with my whole family playing a game of Machiavelli, and spending irreplaceable time together.



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