Stone Soup Editor Emma Wood talks to Jed Doherty (aka Jedlie) about the inspirational and original work produced by kids, how she thinks about children’s writing and art, and what kinds of submissions get her most excited.

You can go straight to the audio interview here:

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And you can read more about the Readingwithyourkids podcast series, this episode, and Jedlie’s’ work in general, here:

MEET our Special Guests: Emma Wood & Kalvin Houk!!

Jedlie’s Magic Circus is fun for the whole family. Please visit to find out how to bring this inspiring show to your community. Hey, hey, hey!!! So excited to meet ya’ll. ReadingWithYourKids! is back with a very special edition this time. Today we’re overjoyed to welcome two wonderful guests on our show.


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Jane has been working with Stone Soup since 2016 on variety of different things--including running the Stone Soup Test Kitchen! She is a writer, researcher and consultant.

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