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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

I decided today to challenge myself and interview a pastor.

Good morning pastor, I’m conducting an interview on faith and ethics of Christianity. Can you share with me some details?

Yeah, firstly you can’t understand all of Christianity because its large, and every sub religion interprets it the way they want and not as Islam or other religions. We have over one hundred sub religions in Christianity where they are deferred by the thing which is called Doctrine. For example, Seventh Day Adventists believe that its Saturday the seventh day of the week and it’s the Sabbath day, while others worship on Sunday, just as Catholics believes in the holy trinity, while Jehovah’s witnesses don’t. Christianity is large, but the thing which unites all of us or I can call it a common doctrine is that we were saved by Jesus Christ.

So pastor, why many religions and churches when God is one?
God is one but people are many. Just like the period of Jesus thee were Pharisees, disciple of John the Baptist and others. It depends with the how they received, who brought and how it was interpreted but the true Christian is someone who believes in Jesus as lord and savior.

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