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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

I’ve been waiting for so long to get the teachers permission to conduct an interview about him. Today at lunch time he had given me his lunch break as the time that we can do it.

I told him, thank you once again teacher for the opportunity. As I told you I’m a student of Anthropology and this interview is one of my assignments. Can you please tell me anything about teaching?

Hi said, “Yeah, I am a teacher and it’s not that I do teaching as a career but I do it as my vocation to this world. I started teaching at the age of fifteen when I was chosen as the assistant teacher and a guild president at our school, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy sharing and standing in front of others when teaching.”

“In fact” he continued, “teaching is not about money but it is about the vocation; you must be called for it or else you will create monsters.”

I asked him, “sorry what do you mean by monsters?”

He replied, “I mean when a teacher pushes you into ignorance you can never release yourself because among the most trusted people in the world teachers are the first; because whatever they say is true.

Wow. So what are the challenges you do face when teaching, I asked.

He said, “stubborn students in general.”

Finally, I said, “so besides teaching or let’s say when you retire, what will you be doing?

In my retirements I will be a teaching consultant and I will be writing as many books as I can to update this modern curriculum.

I concluded, “thank you sir for this time.”

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