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My COVID-19 Experience Journal

By Sophie Harris, 14

Today is Tuesday, March 17, 2020, and it was our third day of online school. School has been canceled since last Thursday b/c of corona. It’s not as bad as I thought but I miss being able to go outside and see my friends. I appreciate it more now. It’s scary because corona is shutting down a lot of things and also sad because a lot of people are getting sick. I’m disappointed because our trip to Mexico for Pesach was canceled and we still don’t know when school will open back up again. I actually like the online classes and they give me something to do while sitting at home. I also like doing school at home b/c I can relax more from the comfort of my own home. Today while I had some free time before my next class, I did yoga and a workout with my mom and I really enjoyed it. After math, which was my last class of the day, Sascha and I walked to Central Park. Sascha wore a mask (my dad couldn’t find the rest we had at home) and I covered my nose and mouth with a scarf (that’s what my dad, who’s a doctor, told me to do lol) and wore latex gloves. We went into the playground area next to the Met b/c there weren’t too many people there and it’s really pretty. It was golden hour and there was this tree with white blossoms on it that was beautiful. I was really happy to get out of the house. Sascha and I sat on a bench away from people and we read. Then we went on the swings and talked. I also made some tik tok videos to some of the dances that I know. The rest of the night, after I showered and ate dinner, I relaxed and facetimed with my camp friend, Sophia K. Now I’m in my bed writing this (it’s 9:36 pm) and my parents are coming in to put me to bed in 5 minutes so now I’m going to read for the rest of my time. I’m reading a book called The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict, which has to do with one of my favorite series, The Mysterious Benedict Society. Also, fun fact–I’m wearing my blue-light glasses that I ordered last week that block the blue light from straining your eyes when you look at screens since we do school on a computer :) Good night😴

Today is Wednesday, March 18, 2020 (our fourth day of online school) and I had a pretty good day today. Most of my classes were on zoom, which I enjoy. I did a workout with my sister, too. I also worked on a drawing of a bridge I started. I want to try to plan to do more things at home after school so I don’t get too bored. I’m feeling scared about everything going on right now, but I think I’m doing a good job of staying positive. I started a trial of Disney Plus and so far really like it. I have to go to bed right now so that’s it for tonight :)

It’s now almost 11:00pm on Sunday, March 22. I had a pretty good weekend considering the circumstances with corona and everything. Yesterday Sascha and I made apple crisp and it was delicious. We also built a fort in my room because we had nothing better to do. It was actually really cool. It was fun to hang out in there. We brought in snacks and lots of things to do. We even tried sleeping in it but it got really cold for some reason and super uncomfortable so we left at like 4:30am. Today we made peanut butter cookies, chilled, and for dinner, Sascha and I made fried rice. We were proud of ourselves for making it and it turned out really well. We also went on a walk with our dad (we wore gloves and masks). The streets were empty. Barely a driving car in sight. We went into the playground next to the Met, which was empty. The white blossom trees were still there and even more beautiful. Even though it was cold outside, it was a very enjoyable walk. I took some pictures of things I saw in the street and in the park that were pretty. Sascha and I went on the swings while my dad watched. Then we were going to go into the park, but it seemed a little bit too crowded, so we didn’t. It felt great to get some fresh air. I have to go to sleep now, so goodnight.

Today is Monday, March 23, 2020. I just found out our Israel trip that was supposed to be in May was canceled. I’m really upset, and so is everyone else. We all saw it coming, I feel, but now that it’s official, I’m really sad. I was looking forward to it and I heard that this was supposed to be an incredible and unique way to experience Israel, even though I’ve been there more than ten times with my family. It’s all hitting me now. I really, really hope, please Hash-m, that camp doesn’t get canceled. I just want to go back to normal life where nobody is getting sick. I’m doing fine with the whole staying at home thing, and am finding things to do. I hope that after this we all appreciate the little things in life more, because I know I will, bh. This morning I had a smoothie that I made and my mom made me eggs. I had math first, but I just face timed my friend Hallie and we did a worksheet together since it said our teacher, Ms. Brown, is not well. I hope she is okay and that she doesn’t have corona. Our test that was supposed to be on Wednesday is also postponed. I guess I’m happy about that but I hope Ms. Brown is okay. I just had Hebrew but for most of the class our teacher got logged off because of WiFi issues, so we didn’t really do anything. Next, I have English in three minutes. Gotta go. Maybe later I’ll add some pictures I took in the park to this document so I can have them. Bye!

Today is Tuesday, March 24, 2020. I had another day of online school, I can’t even keep track anymore! I had a pretty good day. My math teacher, Ms. Brown is not well, I heard, so I hope she is okay. During music when Sascha and I finished listening to the song, we made blueberry muffins. They were good, but the recipe used olive oil and I could taste it when I ate them, which was not the best, but I still liked them. For breakfast my mom made me oatmeal and for lunch we had lasagna that she made. Last night we had an amazing dinner. It was steak, baked potato and asparagus. I loved it. We have been having great meals during our “quarantine” since my mom has made a lot of time since we can’t go anywhere. After school (which ended at 3:00 today which is early for us) Sascha, my dad and I went to Central Park and took a walk. Sascha and I also did some running around the reservoir, but not that long a distance because we didn’t want to go too far. It was great to be outside. It was such a nice day today, not a cloud in sight. It was a bit hard for me to run, though, because my leg hurt, I think I pulled it or something. I still really enjoyed being able to go outside, even though we had to wear masks and gloves lol. For dinner tonight we had Sole Meunière (fish cooked in a French way) with rice and asparagus. That was also really good. I have to go to bed because it’s getting late. One more thing, people have been posting on Instagram “until tomorrow” and I’m rlly confused as to what it means haha. Anyway, goodnight.

I forgot to write something for Wednesday, but in the evening we facetimed our cousin, Rachel, who’s 25 and lives in Boston, for an hour. It was fun to speak to her since we can’t see each other in person!