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Katie Yang, 11
San Jose, CA

Going to the Beach

Katie Yang, 11




Beautiful day.
I went to the beach.
The beach is beautiful too.
Shining brightly like it has just won a million dollars.
Shining brightly over everyone at the beach
Like it is the luckiest sun in the world.
There are gentle waves
And the ocean is as smooth as glass and as shimmery as a mermaid’s tail
Occasionally a big wave to sweep us off our feet
But making sure that it eventually spits everyone back on shore.
The beach is so beautiful
With the floury sand and the smooth waves
I want to go to the beach.
I’ll bet the water is perfect
And the sand will be like powdered sugar
I’ll bet the beach is beautiful
The powdery sand and the flat waves
With the sun shining brightly like it just won a million dollars
The sun does not care for all the money in the world
Having all the gold and jewels will not make it happy
So perhaps the sun's not shining brightly
Perhaps it is sulking
In its blanket of clouds
As it tries to convince itself that everything will be okay
Over all the people dying
Everyone who will not go to the beach again
Perhaps there is beautiful weather
All the time
It is not special anymore
But maybe
There are no beaches to go to
Despite the good weather
Living in our own protected bubble worlds
Maybe we will be there
At that time
We will perhaps ask ourselves,
What did the beach look like again?
And someone will respond,
The beach was beautiful
With gentle waves
And the ocean is as smooth as glass and as shimmery as a mermaid’s tail
Oh I wish I could’ve gone one last time
It was so beautiful
The floury sand and the smooth waves

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