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This interview by Stone Soup author Connor Gorton, 13, is part of a series of interviews with Stone Soup authors in which the interviewee talks about writing and also about being published in Stone Soup. The questions asked and the locations of those questions within the video are found below. These videos are intended for viewing by our Stone Soup readers and writers. If that is you, then I hope you find Connor’s interview inspiring. If you are a classroom teacher, you can use the videos to stimulate classroom discussion on a variety of issues relating to the writing process in general and creative writing in particular.

Connor conducted this interview for us when he was 13 years old. His story “You Did It, Friend” was published in the November/December 2014 issue of Stone Soup.

Here’s a list of the questions he answers in this video.

0:25 -- How do you begin creative writing?

0:33 — What kinds of things do you like to write?

0:50 — What do you like to read?

1:00 — What inspired you to write “You Did It, Friend”?

1:28 — What advice would you give to others who want to get published in Stone Soup?

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  1. You are not getting enough male contribution. Advertise in publications read by boys, especially football. Boys can be creative because they usually have something to say or cause to argue. Many boys enjoy doing art and are good at it. They can produce exciting results. The status of the task in hand is important to boys.

    • We’d love more contributions from boys–though as a charitable trust we can’t afford to advertise as you suggest, we do receive a good number of fabulous submissions from boys as you can read in the pages of Stone Soup over the years. We think that everything you’ve said about creativity, exciting results and drive applies equally to all children: that’s what we are here for, and try to encourage in all young readers, writer and artists.

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