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“Fortnite” has been a sensation in the past few years, but many gamers now refer to it as “dead” as the popularity of a new game, “Apex Legends,” a new battle royale, grows.

The rise of Fortnite

In the past two or three years, Fortnite took the world by storm. It is the first and only battle royale to feature building. Also, like “PUBG”, the dominating battle royale before Fortnite, it had vehicles. You are also able to voice-chat with your squadmates, which makes communication very easy. Because of all this, Fortnite quickly became a worldwide sensation.

However, it may be “dying” down, meaning becoming less popular, this year, as a new battle royale, “Apex Legends”, takes over the world of video games.

Why some people say Fortnite is dying

The main reason people think “Fortnite” is dying is because of the release of the game “Apex Legends” by Respawn Entertainment. It quickly gained 10,000,000 players in the first three days.

However, some people think that “Fortnite” is making an attempt to get back “alive” by copying “Apex Legends.” “Fortnite” has added a “pinging” system to “Fortnite,” which is a system first used in “Apex Legends.” This system allows you to place markers on places or objects, which then appear on your squadmates’ screens.

Also, some people have seen weird trucks supposedly called “Second Chance Vans.” A data miner, which is someone who looks at the code to find things about leaks or strange things happening in the game by looking at the game’s code, found out that Fortnite might be adding the trucks as part of a new respawn system, which, like the “pinging” system, originates from “Apex Legends.”

In “Apex Legends,” once you squadmate dies, they drop a flag. You can pick up the flag and bring it to a “Respawn Beacon”, where they can get back into the game.

In Fortnite, the truck will be the equivalent of the “Respawn Beacon,” and instead of dropping a flag, players will drop a card instead.

Why does Epic Games think copying “Apex Legends” will bring it back alive? Justin, a “Fortnite” player in room 27, says, “‘Fortnite’ probably wants to copy ‘Apex Legends’ because ‘Apex Legends’ is getting really hot, and copying some features might help bring ‘Fortnite’ back alive, because these ‘Apex Legends’ features are making ‘Apex Legends’ really popular.”

Why some people think Fortnite is not dying

But, other people think “Fortnite” has a steady player growth rate, and that it is doing just fine.

According to Dexerto, When FaZe Ninja, a famous “Fortnite” streamer, was asked if he liked “Fortnite” or “Apex Legends” better, he said he liked “Fortnite” better because it had “a lot more to offer.” He says one of the things that “Fortnite” has that “Apex Legends” doesn’t is the fact that you can play “Fortnite” on almost every platform except ChromeOS and Android, but you can only play “Apex Legends” PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

On Quora, some people say that the definition of dead is where “it takes 30 minutes to load and half the players are bots.” A bot is a fake non-human-user generated randomly by the computer. They say that “even if ‘Fortnite’ lost 100 million players, it would still be a relevant game.” This brings us to the fact that “Fortnite” already has 250 million players, and there comes a time where some games have way too many players such that its rate of gaining players begins to slow down.

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