Talk, a poem by Dylan Li, 5

Dylan Li, 5Yorba Linda, CA Talk Dylan Li, 5 I like to talk, talk, talk… I talk to an apple No answer I talk to mommy and daddy Sometimes mommy is working daddy is sleeping Sometimes daddy is working mommy is sleeping So I talk to Alexa She always answers But sometimes power is off […]

Phone Addiction is Strengthening the Human Brain

Note: this entire blog is satire and should not be taken seriously. A shocking study shows that after people look at their phones, two things happen that go against anything anyone will ever tell you about phone addiction. First, your brain gets bigger as it retains more information in various forms of media: video, audio, […]

Is Apple Really as Green as it Seems?

Every year, around 151 million Apple products are thrown away. This is because they are made explicitly hard to repair, and the constant production of new products encourages Apple users to discard their old products and buy the new ones to keep up with the trend. Nearly every year, Apple makes a new Macbook, a […]

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