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Arjun, 9 (Midlothian, VA)

Life Inside a Staircase

Arjun Nair, 9

I wonder how it would feel to live inside a staircase. A loud STOMP, STOMP captures every peculiar moment. People are walking up and down.
Sometimes they think again and turn around.

When people decide to leave,
they sometimes destroy their house into a flattened leaf. What happens to the staircase?
It is left behind,
In the dark and gloomy night.
No one to walk on the staircase.
No one to talk to on the staircase.
You would feel abandoned.

A new house is built around the staircase, a new life is built.

If you ever want to live in a wooden staircase, believe me–
it will have to be a good staircase.

This poem was submitted as part of our March 2021 Flash Contest, "Write a story set somewhere you've never been." 

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