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Lila Laton, 11 (New York, NY)

Spring in Central Park

Lila Laton, 11

The cherry blossoms are blooming.

That means that spring is here.

Mr. Frosty is parked at the side of the road, and a kind grandmother is buying ice cream for a little child with snot running down his nose.

People pose in front of the cherry blossom trees taking pictures.

Couples, children and parents, friends.

Someone proposes and everyone claps.

The clouds are moving on, and people are happy again.

That means that spring is here.

This poem was submitted as part of our April 2021 Flash Contest, "Visit the same place every day for a week and document what you see."

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  1. Hi Lila! What a great poem. Your title captured my attention, as I love Central Park. Of course, I enjoyed the snot, especially against the backdrop of cherry blossoms. Mr. Frosty at the side of the road paints a picture for sure!

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