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At the sound of the bell, I hurried out of class. I knew where I wanted to go, yet I hesitated remembering my conversation with my mom that morning. “Are you going to Chemistry Club during your free period?” she asked. “Maybe” I replied unenthusiastically. “There is also a craft in the library to make magnets with banned book quotes. I might go to that....” There was silence. “I can always go to Chemistry Club next week.” I added. Mom frowned. “Chemistry Club is a great opportunity, Maya.” She told me. “None of my friends will go.” I complained. “That doesn’t matter.” she said. “You should do what interests you, regardless of everyone else.” I didn’t reply. “You don’t know if your friends are going to magnet making either.” Mom pointed out. “Magnet making is fun even if I go alone.” I mumbled. Mom sighed. “Well, if I were you, I’d go to chemistry club, but you should do whatever you want” she ended the conversation. I knew what that meant… but I headed for the library. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m not interested in Chemistry Club. I am, and on a normal Friday, I’d be more then happy to go. It’s just that when I have the opportunity to go to a craft, it’s crystal clear to me that I should take it. That week I already went to Math Club, Investment Club, and Model UN. This was my chance. I couldn’t wait. I love crafts, decorating, and all the magnets we have on our fridge. What could be better then making magnets to decorate my locker?

The library was packed when I got there. Students crowded around the tables, laughing and talking. I smiled. I hoped I hadn’t arrived too late. Had everyone already gotten started? I quickly walked in. But suddenly, I noticed something. One table was empty. And, that table was the only one with magnets, paper, and bottles of glue. Then I noticed that the students in the library had books in front of them. They were studying. There was no one else there to make magnets. I wasn’t sure what to do. Chemistry club was still happening upstairs. I could turn around and go there now. But I didn’t. I’d been too excited to give up that easily. One of the librarians came up to me. “Are you here to make magnets?” she asked. “Yes,” I whispered in an unsure voice. She smiled. “Is anyone here to make magnets?” she called to the entire library. No one moved. “Let me know when you are ready to use the glue gun.” She told me. “Make as many as you want!” I sat down at the table. I glanced through the papers. There were quotes from books, pictures of book covers, and pictures that say “I read banned books.” I couldn’t wait to start.

The door opened behind me. I turned around and to my surprise my friend came in. I rarely see her because she’s not in my grade and is very busy with tons of activities. That’s why I hadn’t even asked her if she was coming to this event. “I’m so glad you’re here,” I said with happiness and relief when she joined me. “I’m the only one that came to make magnets.” “Really?” she asked in surprise. “No one wants to make magnets?” We spent the rest of the time laughing, cutting, and gluing. Magnet making had not disappointed me.

My mom was right. I followed my heart, regardless of who came, and in the end I got rewarded.

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