Saturday Newsletter: May 6, 2023

Into the Woods (charcoal) by Ivory Vanover, 12; published in the May/June 2023 issue of Stone Soup A note from Laura Moran Greetings all, Happy spring and happy 50th anniversary of Stone Soup magazine! I hope you are all enjoying the May/June issue of Stone Soup as much as I am. As we approach spring and temperatures slowly climb in the […]

Saturday Newsletter: April 22, 2023

Tree Library (watercolor) by Li Lingfei, 10; published in the July/August 2019 issue of Stone Soup A note from Emma Wood Hello, again! Growing up, the public library was my summer haven. I would spend hours alone in the cool, air-conditioned lower level, discovering new books and reading them. It felt like a magical place, […]

Magnet Making

At the sound of the bell, I hurried out of class. I knew where I wanted to go, yet I hesitated remembering my conversation with my mom that morning. “Are you going to Chemistry Club during your free period?” she asked. “Maybe” I replied unenthusiastically. “There is also a craft in the library to make […]