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Jackson Schwaeble, 10
Magnolia, TX

Quarantine Robbery

Jackson Schwaeble, 10

It was a beautiful night on 347612 Crescent Street.

Alex was having a nice fajita dinner when his mom spit out the news. “Honey, I’m working a double shift tomorrow at the hospital so you’ll be staying home alone.”

Alex was awestruck.  “Really mom? You’ve never trusted me with having the house to myself before.”

His mom gave him a don’t make me regret it look, so he decided to do himself a favor and swallowed a teaspoon of hush.

The Next Day

Alex woke up, looked at his phone, 9:30, his mom was long gone.

“Home alone!” he thought to himself.

So far being home alone hadn’t been up to his expectations. All he’d done was eat breakfast, watch YouTube, and watch more YouTube. Then he heard a knock. One knock. Pause. Two knocks. Now Alex had seen enough movies to know to never answer a door, so he looked on the security cameras.

“Ski masks,” he said quietly. “Subtle.”

He heard them talking, so he listened.

“Look, this is a dang Home Alone situation where we’re showing our hand,” Robber one said.

“What is Home Alone, and what is showing your hand?” Robber two said.

Robber one had that look in his eyes like, this is my partner in crime?

Then Alex realized they weren’t the brightest tools in the shed, so he got to work. He made a big sign and taped it on his shirt.

The shirt said, If you rob this house you will get Coronavirus.

He then went to the window and pulled the curtain. “How do you like my shirt?”

They looked at the shirt, shivered, and ran away screaming in pure terror.

“Extermination successful!” He said.

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