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Searching for Atlantis Airplane on the shore
Perfect flying weather, especially for this trip

Illustrator Amelia Jiang, 13, for Searching for Atlantis by Sonja Skye Wooley, 12.
Published July/August 2016.

A note from William Rubel

Science Fiction Contest:  Deadline April 1

Do you write science fiction? You have a little over five weeks to the April 1st deadline for our Science Fiction Contest. Another name for science fiction is “speculative fiction.” What if meat could be made in a factory so we wouldn’t need to kill chickens, pigs, and cows to eat the meat we like? How might that change the world? In fact, lots of work is being done by scientists to grow meat in factory laboratories. So, it isn’t necessarily a wild science fiction fantasy.

What if cars could drive themselves? Then what? What would that world look like? Well, lots of people would be out of a driving job! And as the driverless cars might be operated like a taxi company, or like Uber, most of us might end up just calling for a car when we need one. If we did that, then there wouldn’t be so many (or any) cars parked on streets. There would be too many parking lots so we could do something else with them. What would our lives be like? What kind world—good or bad—might you imagine with driverless cars?

Everything you know about science and technology can be brought into the creation of a speculative fiction story. The is your chance to explore, “What if?”

Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, just launched a powerful rocket. It is now already possible to imagine affordable rocket transport to the moon and to Mars. Well, what would that mean for us here on Earth? Would it make a difference? On Earth we have lots of trouble living peacefully all together. Could we make our space colonies reflect the best of who we humans are? Or, do you imagine that we’d mess up our space exploration, too? The Star Wars stories imagine a technologically advanced time in which fighting over power and control are still central to the story of advanced cultures, like ours. Is that what you imagine, too?

Use what you know of science and technology to explore possible futures. I’ll remind you in a couple of weeks. You have five weeks, starting now.

Giving Refugee Children a Voice

What are we working on this week?

We are beginning work on a project of publishing writing and art by refugee children. The idea is to offer the Stone Soup platform to give refugee children all over the world a voice and a creative outlet. Is this something you'd like to get involved with? If you do think you might be interested in helping with this project, then please read our introduction on our website, and get in touch with us. There is room for kids as well as adults to help with this.

Books books books!

We are continuing to develop our ideas for a Stone Soup Book Club, working with a major publisher on some of the details. So far, we have been discussing how to get free copies of books to our subscribers and future members of our Book Club; and thinking about how to organise discussion events with some of your favourite authors.  There is some work to do on the website to make it all possible, which is getting started next week. We hope this sounds exciting--we think it does!--and we'll have more news on the Book Club very soon.

Until Next WeekWilliam

From Stone Soup
January/February 2001

Life Without You

By Laberije Shala, 12
Art by Florije 
Bobbi, 12




You were loved, sweet,
Always smiling
When I needed you,
You left.
You gave me the name orphan,
You gave me a black shadow,
Life without you has no sense.
Now, in your best years,
Black soil covers you.
O my Daddy
On your grave
There are roses
It’s me who put them there
Your orphan
My Daddy
A life without you.

You can read more about these works by children from western Kosovo at our website; and please consider supporting and getting involved with our project, Giving Refugee Children a Voice.

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