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Firework City car crossing the highway

“The car rounded a bend, and there was the city, stretched out before us.”
Illustrator Thomas Buchanan, 13,  for 'Firework City' by Jem Burch, 13, Published July/August 2013.

A note from Jane Levi

Happy Fourth of July weekend to our American subscribers! We have a story about July 4 fireworks for you this week, accompanied by a really wonderful illustration with beautiful use of color and perspective. It’s filled with so much detail (spot the license plate!), and I love the way you can see the excited kids in the back of the car through the rear window. If you didn’t see any fireworks this week, then we hope you enjoy these ones!

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Summer Journals

How are your summer journals going? I have to confess that I have not stuck to my resolution to keep one—yet. But I am going to join William in Kenya next week, and there will be no more excuses once I am there! We’ll give you all an update about that trip when we are back, especially with news from Remot Primary, the school that we wrote about a few weeks ago. We were so delighted that several of you were able to send us some really magnificent science books to deliver to them, and we know the headmaster, his staff, and the kids will be thrilled. Thank you so much.

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Firework City car crossing the highwayFrom Stone Soup
July/August 2017

Firework City

By Jem Burch, 13
Illustrated by Thomas Buchanan, 13

I took a seat in the metal rocking chair outside my grandparents’ loft, gently swaying back and forth. Through the metal bars of the railing, I saw the grand old church below, small yellow lights illuminating the stained-glass windows. A light breeze blew; stars twinkled high above; the church parking lot was empty and silent, save for the single, glossy bulk of a black car lurking in the shadows. But all around there was noise—the booming explosion of fireworks bursting through the cracks in the wall, echoing in my ears like the distant rumble of thunder in a summer storm.

I sighed, staring at the horizon where a dark cloud of smoke pulsated from the light of the fireworks I could not see. It seemed as though we weren’t going to have a true Fourth of July this year.

“Liam, time to go,” Dad called, and I stood up, casting one last wistful glance at the disappointingly blank skyline.

We bid a quick farewell to my grandparents, wishing them a happy Fourth, and then trooped down the staircase to the ground floor. No one spoke. Everyone seemed to understand that we had missed the celebration.

As we were getting in the car, my younger sister Amy asked aloud, “Where are the fireworks?”

“You see those buildings?” Mom said. “If they weren’t there, we might be able to see them. They’re over by the freeway.”

The car pulled out into the street, and we started home.

“I’m going to take the 210 home,” Dad said. “We might be able to see the fireworks from there.”

The car turned onto a small side street, which opened up into a bigger avenue. Dad spun the wheel, and we turned right.

“I see them!” Amy shouted. “I see the fireworks!”

My heart leaped. Half hidden by trees, great bursts of color ballooned in the night’s sky. Fireworks. .../more

Stone Soup’s advisors: Abby Austin, Mike Axelrod, Annabelle Baird, Jem Burch, Evelyn Chen, Juliet Fraser, Zoe Hall, Montanna Harling, Alicia & Joe Havilland, Lara Katz, Rebecca Kilroy, Christine Leishman, Julie Minnis, Jessica Opolko, Tara Prakash, Denise Prata, Logan Roberts, Emily Tarco, Rebecca Ramos Velasquez, Susan Wilky.

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